A Hurting World and God’s Mandate

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Jesus was sent on a mission from His Father. Now we are His ambassadors on a mission in a frayed, fragmented world yet we are equipped with all we need.

The young preacher was dynamic as we listened to his anointed preaching of the Word. Powerful, precise and moving he spoke but with a rather labored effort. His posture was not erect, but his eyes and face radiated the presence of the Holy Spirit within him. His erratic movements were no longer registering but the essence of his message infiltrated our minds and hearts. This young man had cerebral palsy but that did not in any way hinder him from proclaiming the Gospel and urging us strongly to do like wise. Google features David Ring with this…He has challenged thousands of people with his signature message – “I have cerebral palsy. What’s your excuse?”

Likewise, my brother-in-law who has cerebral palsy long ago prayed for my husband and the others in his family to become Christians. My husband, now a retired minister, brought others to Christ because of a brother who started a revival in his own way.

No excuses, Lord. Let me introduce you to others in any way I can knowing you are the One who loves and longs for these precious ones in Your family!

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