Quietly Singing in Chaos

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The LORD your God in the midst of you is mighty, he will save, he will rejoice over you with joy, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17(KJ2000)

With eagerness and excitement, we began our twentieth year in Maui knowing that in six months we were finally joining our family in Missouri. Reality set in as the time of departure neared. Larry and I resigned our jobs and commitments, then retired. We marveled at the airport check-in counter. Our total baggage weight greatly exceeded the limit but our carrier sent it through with no extra charge. Such aloha kindness!

In the meantime, our son, Chris, rented a beautiful duplex for us and he and Jeff, our other son, furnished it for our arrival. All was in place with the kitchen serviceable and the bed made. Most joyful was our family reunion.

Two months went by when my husband said, “I don’t feel like our ministry is over. The call of God once bestowed, has no retirement.” I was dismayed that our family could be disjointed again.

We celebrated my father’s 90th birthday party with the church that both he and my husband had pastored. Both Larry and I felt we were in a ‘bubble’ of God’s phenomenal leading. By that evening, we were approached for Larry to be the interim pastor and shortly thereafter, planned to move there again.

Our hearts broke, though, that once again our sons and their families would be very disappointed. We were all sad and our grandchildren, sorrowful and questioning.

The church found a beautifu parsonage, completely furnished, and paid our expenses while we continued paying our lease in MO. Larry was later asked to be their permanent pastor. That meant moving all from our leased home.

Our family was devastated but understanding while the little ones needed comforted again. Our two sons sat down against the wall for a final breather on our final moving day. Chris got a call right then from the realtor that the home they were considering buying was theirs. God in His beauty took care of providing his dream home..

Settled again, my emotions entangled as I anguished the family loss but rejoiced in our church family. God worked through all the clutter within to say, “I will quiet you with my love and rejoice over you with singing.” I immediately sensed my partnership with God.

Two years laterr, we moved back to Missouri, becoming first-time home owners. God had the most pleasant surprise of all with His timing with our family. Our two sons and their wives expanded their families with three adopted children that joined the four precious ones. Our gracious God delights in giving His family the best!

God, let my heart stay attuned to your singing while I experience your rest in any situation without. Amazing how that catchy tune of Yours becomes a choir of believers when You are the director!













6 thoughts on “Quietly Singing in Chaos

  1. It’s always interesting and amazing in hindsight. It is so neat when you can follow His hand and know that He had it planned that way all along.

  2. Your time in PA gave us the opportunity for a brief reunion, which gave me a foretaste of what heaven will be like when we reunite with our loved ones. I’m glad that you and Larry listened to God’s leading.

    1. And I will be forever thankful for reconnecting with you, my dear friend. I still recall where I was in Maui and the joy of one Christmas when you called me, then. You are a dearr friend!

  3. Thank you for the loving sacrifice you made to come to PA one more time! God’s timing of your presence here blessed so many hearts, mine included. Rejoicing now, too, that you finally can enjoy watching those grandbabies grow up close!

    1. We were so blessed to have our final ministry there and to share our lives together again with friends and family. We always left a part of our heart there and still do. Those friendships are eternal and you are our forever friend!

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