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Dad, A Keeper of Memories

Kamaole III, Kihei, Maui

Image result for Maui trees free images-Kamaole III

They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness. Psalm 145:7a

“Dad, it’s your 96th birthday and we celebrate YOU,” my sisters and husbands plus grandson proclaimed before we sang the birthday song last year. This year you are no longer with us for your October 6th birthday. Instead you left gifts for us and for  your oldest daughter, these are but a few…

It was you who pleaded with your church family to pray for this crippled, mentally handicapped newborn’s healing. In the three days determining whether I would die or be a vegetable for life, God healed me. Later, you introduced me to a Heavenly Father and saw me go forward in church at the age of five to give my life to Him.

Remembering life’s experiences, there is a nut from the tree pictured above that we found after your death tucked away among your possessions. You dubbed this , ‘The YumYum Tree’. Our family picnicked with you and mom there. It was where you went many mornings for your devotions with your Best Friend.

You and I shared the love for cardinals. When you saw them, you would say aloud, “Hi, Ruthie!” When I saw them, I would say, “Hi, Dad!” When you and mom traipsed to the car to attend the celebration of your 50th wedding anniversary on a cold blustery snowy day, a cardinal sang to you. You told me later you knew although I was in Hawaii, God intervened to let you know we were entwined. Much later, the only room in your nursing home with a bird feeder was the one you last occupied. A friend kept it supplied with seeds and cardinals comforted you for me.

There is a little momentous bundle you gave me with the instructions to not open them until after your heavenly departure. Grieving has consumed me but I shall keep this appointment through a glaze of tears on your birthday with your gifts for me.

My most precious memory is when you called me Jack Junior because we are very much alike in habits and feelings. However, I most want to emulate the beauty of your life well lived for God. I shall always miss and treasure you, Dad. This daughter loves and thinks of you every day.

Father God, Thy great goodness to me is the memory of also an earthly father. You both immensely blessed me with a beautiful life. Thank you!