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Daily to Yearly Pathways with God

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“Blessed by the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.” Psalms 68:19 (KJV)

“Okay, girls,” my mother said. “Now that breakfast is over and before you head off to school, it’s time for devotions from Our Daily Bread.” My youngest sister was in elementary school, my middle sister in junior high and I, in high school. Often our heads were filled with the day coming up with all kinds of school activities. Mom made sure the Word was implanted in our hearts. Sundays and Wednesdays were long days with church mandatory, especially since our parents were both pastors.

We grew up in the country but had a world-wide view. All the missionaries and evangelists stayed in our home, seasoning our lives with the trials and triumphs of lives dedicated to the Master.

All this did not shield me from going through a very difficult period during adolescence when I felt I had to be perfect for my parents, our church and especially for God. My days were filled with anxiety; my nights were overwhelming.  Even in my sleep, I would cry out, awakening my parents. Yet, my mother continued to have devotions each morning while she and Dad also verbally prayed over me.

One day I went to a Christian widowed neighbor. She, too, talked with me and assured me of being kept under God’s protection. The result changed my life. What was the greatest trial had been a life lesson I never forgot.

The years multiplied. I prayed for the man I was to marry that he would know Christ as Savior if he wasn’t a believer. When I met him, he had just been saved a year. We had two sons and before they left for school, morning devotions were read from Our Daily Bread.

Our family was delightfully enlarged when they married Christian young ladies. Between them we now have seven grandchildren, four biological and three adopted.

Looking back to those formative years started out well. I treasure the good days and the hard days. What do I still daily read? Our Daily Bread. Thanks, Mom!

“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.”              Psalms 65:11(KJV)