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Larry’s Transition in God’s Design


“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16B  (KJV)

“Ruthie! Ruuthiee!” Was I rightly hearing my husband calling outside our second floor bedroom window? It was a beautiful snowy Christmas Eve as I hurriedly ran down the stairs and out the door.  There sprawled across the cement slab at the bottom of the steps lay Larry in excruciating pain with the inability to move. The ambulance came and transported him to the hospital. I hurriedly called a nearby family from our church to come take care of our two little boys.

The next day the doctor operated on Larry’s shattered hip. “You will always walk with a limp! It was very hard to even try to repair it with all the damage. A pin was inserted to hold it together as good as I could with a probable hip replacement needed within two years.”

Convalescing at home, Larry pondered and asked God, “Why did you let this happen? Why so much pain? How would this be your plan while I pastor  this church?” Immediately he heard within his heart the voice of God saying, “Remember when you prayed and asked for a miracle of healing? Do you have faith to believe now that I can heal you?”

On crutches, Larry finally improved enough to assume his place behind the pulpit.  Before  preaching that morning’s message, the Board surrounded him and prayed for his healing.  Larry finished the service, then placed his crutches down beside him and slowly walked down the steps of the platform to greet the people in the back of the church.  Hurriedly his former day and night nurse at the hospital who attended him and were at the church for the first time, urgently instructed him to use the crutches.  Larry reassured them that he had to do what he knew he should.

And the healing continued.  On his first visit, the surgeon said “According to these x-rays, I can’t even tell where your hip has been broken. Either I am a good surgeon or you had a miracle healing!”

Shortly afterwards, those two nurses had miracles of their own. They gave their lives to the Lord and became faithful in church attendance. One became a children’s church worker and one, a medical missionary to Alaska.

We truly become part of the answer to every prayer that we pray when we leave all the results in His capable hands!