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Christopher, Carrier of Christ

Footprints are visible signs of God’s beauty of design outwardly.  “I have a special birthday gift for you,” Larry remarked to my mother as he handed her a card.  There was the tiniest footprint of love manifested–Christopher’s, who had just been born minutes before on her birthday.  His name means carrier of Christ and as a receiver, his grandmother exuded the joy.

At two years old, Chris one morning faltered in his toddler steps with head movement weaving in circular patterns.  “This little guy may have a brain tumor.  Get him to the Cleveland Clinic as soon as possible!” said the  ER doctor.  Just the day before, a pilot friend of a board member had flown to Pennsylvania from Florida and generously, he transported us to Ohio.  Divine direction had orchestrated events and thankfully, Chris fully recovered.

Getting older, Chris carefully planned on broadening his interest in computer science that led him to Evangel University.  At the Assemblies of God Headquarters he is now employed as an information technologist. God directs his steps in helping to translate the love of God through social media at home and abroad.

Chris never projects himself but quietly illuminates Christ. Recently I learned of a godly impulse he had standing at the checkout counter. “Get cash back and plan to give it away.” Minutes later while exiting his car, a woman approached asking, “Can you give me some money?” “Just what would you do with the money?” he responded. She satisfactorily replied with her needs. He proceeded, “You are cared for and loved by God.  Just a short while ago, I withdrew cash knowing I’d give it away. You are the lady God wants to bless. Use it wisely.”

Family life is enhanced when God-influenced steps are taken such as Chris having daddy-daughter dates with each of his four girls,  designing a surprise anniversary date each year for his wife, Lindsay… or finding a home and furnishing it as a surprise for his parents who are retiring and moving back from half a world away.

Love extended through Chris refreshes and sustains each of us. Watching the Lord poignantly leading him allows us to be the recipients of a life well lived and directed by the Lord.