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“Angel” in Disguise


“And Jesus called a little child unto him.” Matthew 18:2a (KJV)

“My name is Angel,” she said on opening day in my kindergarten class.  With tousled hair, rumpled clothes and scruffy shoes, she did not attract many friends.  As the year began, I set up learning stations around the room with hands on activities.  Angel  soon understood the routine of learning math, language arts, etc. However when playtime arrived,  most alarming was her use of swear  words while interacting with others.

Larry had just graduated from Bible school and assumed his first pastorate.  Children and the bus ministry were very dear to his heart and so he canvassed the town where the school was located.  Unknowingly, he knocked on Angel’s door and met her mother.  Angel and her older brother, Billy, were allowed to go to Sunday School and children’s church.  Both became regular church attenders and Angel’s favorite place to sit on the church bus was on Larry’s lap.  Even when she smelled of urine, she still sat where she enjoyed friendship and acceptance.  On the way home, she looked up and said one time, “Pastor Larry, I love you!” Larry answered, “I love you, too, Angel.”

One snowy, blustery Sunday morning the bus arrived at their house. Amazingly, the upstairs window went up and both Angel and Billy jumped off the roof and down the snowbank to get to the bus. Their mommy was drunk as she laid across the exit door downstairs, but they were determined to get to church.

Jesus called Angel to give her little heart to Him and she accepted this best Friend.  What a change in her confidence in the church and classroom!  Angel’s speech was no longer peppered with swear words.  She blossomed in her personality and attracted new friends.  When Jesus called Angel to give her heart to Him, she glowed with a halo all her own!

Help me, Lord, to not have preconceived, prejudicial surface views of people but to see them through Your eyes of love.